King James Bible Study Correspondence Course

About this Course

This site contains a series of Bible Study lessons on the basic issues of what God says in His Holy Bible, the lessons are free and available in different languages as shown on the menu tabs above.

Each lesson contains a summary of the subject, scripture verses to research, an average of 20 questions, a true/false section, and scripture memorization.

Please join us as we learn the whole counsel of God’s precious word.

First, there are three things you should do before death.

  1. Pray and ask GOD to give you a hunger for HIS word.
  2. Dedicate some time during the day to read and study your Bible.
  3. Read the following “ye must be born again” and make your decision. (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish)

We here at the King James Bible Study Correspondence Course have made lessons available since 1996 to encourage countless lives.

If you do not have the capabilities of printing off the Internet, please contact Brother Andy by email, or write to:

5311 Windridge lane
Lockhart, Florida 32810, USA

We only mail lessons within the United States.

Special arrangements are available for Pastors, Chaplains, and Sunday school teachers, contact Brother Andy for details.

Many of our students are incarcerated for life, so we are constantly developing new lessons to reach these and others with the Glorious Gospel of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.