King James Bible Study Correspondence Course

About this Course

This site contains a series of lessons on the basic issues of what God says in His Word. The lessons are available in different languages as shown on the menu items above. This is what God says about Christianity – not what Man says about it. These are set up for use as a correspondence course by Brother Andy at Highway Evangelistic Ministries (5311 Windridge Lane, Lockhart, FL 32810 U.S.A.). These lessons are currently available in several different languages and are used throughout the world to teach new Christians the fundamentals of understanding God’s Word.

There are three things you should accomplish before departing Planet Earth:

1. Find out what is on the other side of death’s door.

2. Read a copy of God’s Word.

3. Tell others about what you learn.

We would like to help you achieve all three. You must be willing to do the following:

1. Read the following “Ye Must be Born Again” information and make your decision (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

2. Study the lessons listed below. These lessons will teach you how to read and study your new Bible and help you understand doctrinal issues.

Each lesson contains a summary of the subject, scripture verses to research, an average of 20 questions, a section designed for scripture memorization, and a question and comments area.

Please note that the Correspondence portion of these lessons is reserved for those who are incarcerated in jail or prison. We encourage anyone to use these lessons in any way you can, but we cannot grade and return the lessons unless they are being mailed to a prison or jail address.

These lessons are currently being used by Sunday School teachers, Bible Study instructors, and for one-on-one discipleship.

We here at the King James Bible Study Correspondence Course have been using these lessons to reach into over 10,000 lives. Many of our students are incarcerated for life, so we are constantly working on new and different lessons to reach these and others with the Glorious Gospel of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.